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Friday, November 25, 2005

Political Correctness and the Canadian Public

I was appauled the other day as I was listening to an Aboriginal survivor of the Residential School experience in Canada. This individual stated that "the residential schools in Canada were just like the camps in Germany and Russia", alluding, of course, to the Nazi Concentration Camps and Stalin's Gulags. No one can deny that the Residential School experience in Canada was a brutal failure and misguided experience, but to say that is even remotley comparable to the 6 million Jews and 20 million Soviet citizens who were brutalised, tortured and murdered in the mid 1900's is wrong pure and simple. This is, however, another example of how a certain group can make an outlandish generalisation in our politically correct society and get away with it. Imagine if the Irish-Canadians started harping (no pun intended) on the famines, coffin ships, English occupation and persecution they endured. Would they not be justified as the Queen of England is also the Queen of Canada and the British were one of the first Europeans to move over here? The Canadian Government spends 8 billion dollars annually on Aboriginal affairs - money that is given to Band councils with no accountability and rarely filters down to those who it is intended to help. How much do the Irish, or Japanese or whoever else receive???! I find it sad that our efforts to develop tolerant societies allow for the perpetuation of such misguided and ignorant commentaries, pushing forth the Orwellian notion that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".


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