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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The New Year has not started out well in regards to my fitness goals. I went to the gym, a bit on the tired side, was doing my cool-down set of deadlifts when I heard a snapping sound like someone flinging an elastic and a sensation in my right hamstring like an elastic snapping under the skin, followed by pain. Is there some kind of warranty that expires after 35 on one's body? Just prior to turning 37 I separated my shoulder at Aikido, now this a week and a half after my birthday! I'm not impressed.

Trying to be an optimist (and having the next six days off from work) I will focus on my New Year's resolution to delve into my guitar playing and perhaps write a song (can you say "the Blues"!). Hell, you've got to laugh. Certainly there are folks far worse off than I, and our three year old is quite the nurse.

It felt good to see the world return to normal after the Christmas Holidays. Not that anything really shuts down anymore, but it's just that sensation one gets from over eating, over drinking (though I hardly had a drop the whole season, working both Christmas and New Years), and just the general sense of garbling one's normal routine.

I think the theme for the season was the documentary created with my wife and a couple of friends (though entirely in our heads) about our efforts to see the movie about Johnny Cash and June Carter, "Walk the Line". We had grandma babysitting on two seperate nights, only to arrive at two different theatres on two different occasions to find the newspaper listing was incorrect. So, we didn't see the film, but did have a lovely feed of sushi and an interesting experience with an East Indian parking attendant...

Anyway, here, early on in 2006 we folks up here in Canada can focus our cynicism on the federal election. I am so disenfranchised that I will vote for the Communist Party if they are running in my area (actually though about running for them), just to demonstrate my disgust with our political scene. If there isn't a Marxist-Leninist candidate, then I'll either vote Green or NDP, though both of them are crap (and I could never vote Liberal or Conservative).

Well, that's it for now. Off to lick my wounds and strum my strings!


  • At 9:52 p.m. , Blogger Julie said...

    I will. :)

  • At 10:12 p.m. , Blogger The Goddess said...

    My fellow Starbuck's drinker... dude, quit spreading that rumor spawned propaganda about Egg nog... not cool!! (ya friggin commie!) :) I poo-poo the commie idea, a state run Starbuck's would so not rock!!!!! Hope you get to feeling better and your new year quits suckin' arse!! Whew, your blog is soow long, I am light headed and feeling like a girlie-gal for only writing my widdle schpill...what a wimp I am!! Sheeze! Good luck with the whole Mr. Toughguy's Opus; hope that works out for ya! Peas!
    ~Le Goddess (en francis por le franchies)

  • At 2:53 a.m. , Blogger passion said...

    I am sorry you had two injuries in a row. Hope you recover soon. Just want to say Real E that accidents happen, but not all of them are from 'old age'! ;) Take it easy and don't to be hard on yourself! On another note, it's good that you are not into alcohol so many people get out of control on boos these days. I admire people like you who are into healty living. Take care!

  • At 9:18 a.m. , Blogger Real-E said...


    This healthy living is killing me! I think of the fitness related injuries I've suffered and wonder if I would've been better off being a fast food eating, smokin', drinkin' couch potatoe!

    Just kidding.

    Thank god of Tiger Balm and re-freezable ice packs!


    Comrade, think of the possibilities of a State run Starbucks: the Lenin Latte, Caramel Maochiato, Stalin-Steamers, Cappu-Che-nno, Comradcanos....!


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