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Monday, September 01, 2008

Oblivious (VOTE OBAMA!!!!)

I don't mean to sound callous or insensitive, but I am growing weary of all the clamour about Hurricane Katrina, its' third anniversary and the pending impact of Gustav. Katrina was a horrible time and put into plain view the racist mentality that still exists in the U.S. all the way up to the Whitehouse (VOTE OBAMA!!!!). I truly feel for the hurricane's victims and believe that we have a responsibility to assist them in any way. That being said, how many environmental tragedies occur each week in places with a much lower potential for assistance? New Orleans is in a first world country where there is a plethora of emergency response tools available. What happens to victims of mudslides in South America where thousands are usually killed? What about the flood victims in remote parts of India? Famine victims in Africa?

Again, we have our social consciousness shaped by corporate inspired media. We so often are influenced by our media here, because people, for the most part, are oblivious to the bias and agendas. I find this to be more predominant in North America than in Europe where, at least, you get a bit more of a global view of our planet. I know that news programmes can't be two hours marathons, but then truly need to expand the scope of what they cover.

People need to become more active participants in the world. This involves sampling a number of media sources, including both corporate and independent news agencies. Then, with that information, they must act, if even peripherally, on some of these issues. Ultimately, we must become inspired citizens of the world.

Much of our world view in the first world does not extend beyond our immediate wants and needs. We grumble when gas prices, ergo, the price of everything goes up. We grumble at our governments, but very few are politically active, particularly in Canadian society. I am so green with envy toward the United States right now and the inspired individuals running for the Presidency (VOTE OBAMA!!!!). We are expecting an election call in Canada for the federal government, and I groan at the lack of inspiration amongst the leaders – Harper (nor personality or leader around whom I could ever rally), Dion (idiot who you can't ever understand and who has very little background), Layton (like a child who had little in the way of parenting), and Duceppe (…whatever…). The Greens, Marxists, and other fringe parties aren't even worth mentioning due to their lack of presence. My god, I listened to Obama address the Democratic Convention the other night and I was pumped. At least Putin, the Russian PM, has some strength about him as he takes on tigers and whatnot!

Apathy is destroying our society and our world. Ignorance is not bliss, but a recipe for a stale existence verging on rotting. It's fine to remember the victims of Katrina, but don't be oblivious to the big picture. Out of sight, out of mind is no way to exist.



  • At 8:38 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I was thinking the same thing about our elections vs that of the US. We're so apathetic about government. I mean really, we allowed inmates to get the vote, what does that say?


    Vote Obama!


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