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Saturday, November 26, 2005


Everyone here seems so calm
while I feel like screaming
nightmares and terror cramp my mind
while everyone else seems to
be happily dreaming
you can’t dress up your mental state
in convenient cloaks of fashion
no release, no release
no inner peace for my passions
the books that I’ve read, volume upon
the next
all make sense but I can’t sense it
at all – the exhausted head that
to full alert when put to bed
and drags like time coated in sandpaper
pulled over coarse pine
sanding the finish on a lid
that one day will bid a final good-night
sleepy dust meshing with our own
immersed in clay – the same
over-fired motherfucker that feels like cracking now.


  • At 1:04 p.m. , Anonymous Tom said...

    Hello, nice to see another fellow brother. I can imagine the stories we could come up with, I have been in corrections for 14 years and 5 of those were working deathrow maxx as the sergeant and 8 years total just in maxx. The rest of my time has been other places in the prison. The funny thing when I started at the prison they had a program called horizons that was from the canadian prison come by again


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