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Friday, December 23, 2005

The Season's Alive With the Sound of Music

Every Christmas season the Roger's and Hammerstein classic "The Sound of Music" gets heavy rotation on a number of televison stations and has become a standard fixture of the Holidays. In fact, last year I even bought my wife a copy of it on DVD. You see, our first Christmas together, some ten years ago, was quite memorable. I had just returned to Canada from watching the Rugby League World Cup in England with a bottle of Paddy's Irish Whiskey from the duty free. We arrived at my Mom's house in Nova Scotia, snuggled down in front of the television and "The Sound of Music" came on and the top came off the bottle. About half way through this two hour plus film (and 2/3 through the bottle), my Mom was nodded off with a Cheshire cat grin, my wife had disappeared to my bedroom where she was hung over the garbage can evactuating her innerds (and was doing so for some time without my noticing), and I was calling everyone I knew long distance and speaking in in my most voiceferous Scottish accent (or at least my version of one).

So, though my missus won't even look at a glass of whiskey to this day, we still snuggle down to this great film around this time of year. Now, ten years later, our 3 year old daughter, Enya, watched the film for her first time on Monday and loved it. The funny thing was, she already knew half the songs as we also own the CD and tended to give songs such as "Edelweiss" heavy play in particular. So this is probably the only strong Christmas tradition in our family, but it's a nice one.

Hopefully next year when they have the sing along airing in local theatres as they tend to from time to time, I'll posse up the whole crew and we'll head out. And if they're not doing it in town, perhaps next year well have a sing along "The Sound of Music" Christmas party!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  • At 3:07 a.m. , Blogger Ang said...

    Love the movie, I will be missing it this year.It is nice when you start forming your own family traditions!! I hope you have a great Christmas!

  • At 7:40 a.m. , Blogger Dawn said...

    I have never seen that movie. I feel left out now ;)

    Have a wonderful Christmas


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