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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Balmy or Bombing Hot?

North Korea celebrated the Fourth of July by test firing lucky missile number 7 and threatening the US and other associated nations with nuclear obliteration. I must say that this makes me incredibly nostalgic for the 1980’s when I was cutting my teeth on Punk Rock, the Cold War and annihilation spawned masochism. Further to this, I look forward to the opportunity of instructing my students to climb under their desks at the siren’s sound in hopes of surviving an onslaught…

…Interestingly enough, I’ve just started reading a book on Napoleon’s epic failure to invade Russia in 1812, assuring me that our age is not special in it’s cast of metaphorical Doctor Evil’s and narcissistic Caesar wannabes. After spending a few days in the Rockies hiking and tending to the typical concerns of a family man, I really must wonder what inspires men to such conquests – certainly makes life complicated!

Then there is the whole issue of being fair. Seems America is quick to put the gears to countries like North Korea and Iran for developing nuclear capabilities because of the threat that they pose to world security. Okay, I’m with Uncle Sam up to hear, but need to point out that the USA not only has the most formidable nuclear arsenal in the world, and, going even one step further, have actually used the atomic bomb twice. I have trouble getting behind the great American noble gesture. With nasty rumours that the US are not in Iraq to “liberate” makes me half wonder (tongue deeply rooted in cheek here) if they don’t have a secret intent to rule the world…

And speaking of the World… Cup, I was saddened by the host, Germany, losing to Italy yesterday. Though the Italians played a good match, there were two incidents in the box that should have been penalty shots to the Germans, and thus might have rendered a completely different result. Oh well, such are the bounces of fate in “the beautiful game”.

And le Tour de France? Scandal has certainly left the field wide open there.

It's +33C here - too hot to cycle.....

In the end, a quote from the ever reverent Smiths: “If it’s not love then it’s the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, the bomb, the bomb that will bring us together….”


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