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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Thoughts & Things On the Road to 40

I was in my native Nova Scotia last month visiting relatives. Upon perusing the bookshelves of one of my Aunts, I came across a book on pastels for beginners. I skimmed it and thought why not have a go. I'm not a very artistic person, never having had the benefit of Art or Music lessons growing up. Those of you familiar with my blog will know that I've taken a few futile stabs at visual art in the past (skim the archives for some of my acrylic paintings). I did push myself to take a one day acrylic painting clinic back in the spring, but continue to lack control in this medium.

Anyway, tired of being a spectator of Art, I decided to take up guitar lessons late last spring (big 'thank you' to my wife who just bought me a new guitar for our anniversary and who is always telling me that my crap isn't so bad – anyone in Edmonton interested in an awesome instructor, visit – he's played with the likes of the late, great Stan Rogers and really knows how to get you playing!) and they are going well. Nearing 40 and finally gaining a bit of confidence that I might possess a shred of artistic talent, I splurged $5 on a box of pastels and away I went. The results of my pastel attempts follow this entry if you keep scrolling down - there are seven in all.

As I near 40, I truly am becoming contented by the idea of a more pastoral life (as much as a parent of a 5 year old who teaches junior high special needs children in a 24/7 society can muster!). The inability to reach this ideal state leaves me somewhat melancholic and wanting. The Art that I share here on this blog – whether my fictions (see links to my novella and short story on the side bar), rants, observations, pictures or poetry – are simply the pastimes I wish to share amidst my reading of books, Yoga practise and coffee (or fine single malts - NEVER buy a Scotch beginning in 'Glen' - aye thar Scottish but thar CRAP!) amongst friends. Still, life seems to echo the line from the Ramones song "my brain keeps hangin' upside down/ and I need to something to slow me down", or, better still, the Lowest of the Low "the chance is just as fat/ as a union bureaucrat/ that the life you want to live/ ain't the one you're lookin' at/ there's more waste in a brain cell/ than any Vegas hotel…" This is somewhat hyperbolising things of course - I have a gorgeous daughter, loving wife, full time career and a home full of loving pets (except for our cat, affectionately known as Satan...) I suppose the reason I do this blog is much the same as to why I did college radio for a long period in my youth: I just want folks to check out new things, whether it's a book, band or artistic style.

Sport has been a big part of my life too. I played at the international level in Rugby League for Canada, as well as a plethora of other stuff. It was awesome, but, now, every morning standing upright is a chore. As a parent – and to all you other parents out there – keep your kids fit and healthy, but make certain to expose them to Art and Music as they will be able to carry those things into old age, amidst the worn out joints and scar tissues tendons! My 4 year old loves Babar's Yoga for Elephants by Laurent de Brunhoff– check it out and keep your kids limber!

Anyway, here are my pictures. I present them because I'm a bit tickled at how well they turned out and to encourage anyone sitting on the fence to have a go at something new!

It's a dog's life!




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