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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Latest Letter to the Editor of The Edmonton Journal About the Utter Incompetence of the Conservative Government and Frustration at the Lack of Opposition, Despite Public Outrage

We need a new Alberta.

I feel incredibly frustrated at how public apathy has remained so entrenched here, given the seemingly endless economic atrocities being conducted by the Stelmach Government. Where are the Opposition parties amidst all that is going on? Though having few MLA's in the Legislature, I can not imagine a better time for campaigning to begin the re-building process of potential balance in Alberta provincial politics by constructing the foundations of a viable alternative.

We need to have Government held accountable. Who is up for taking this task on? We send our soldiers to fight and die in Afghanistan for what we believe is right. We support protesters in Iran. How about fighting for justice and accountability in our own province?

The Government gave themselves a 20% raise to "attract the best", while taking away 1.2% of the 6% promised to teachers. That truly speaks volumes if you take a close look. It's not just the cost of electricity prices destined to keep us in the dark.

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