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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Old Spinning Ball

I really don't think
I could believe in a God
who made up this world
that's so bloody odd
where brother kills brother
and Mother kills son
those who take power
by pointing a gun

told to have faith
so that it might ease
the heartbreak of people
and of children's disease
this whole spinning ball
in the palm of His hand
and notions that it's all
been put here for man

Now with this ball
life's become a toy
place in the hands
of brash girls and boys
sure the message of "love"
is stated strong
so where in the hell
did it all go so wrong?

I don't deny spirit
nor the divine
but I reject the premise
of any dogmatic line
for there is something special
that flows from the heart
and of this whole
we all are a part

Nature seems harsh,
but Nature's the rule
yet still we're all pissing
in our part of the pool
excuse the bad manners
'til the judgment is done
and only in death
will the promised peace come

dogmatic reason
stems from blind leading truths
indoctrinated on paths
so early in our youths
no questions queried
by Kingdom come
and by the Word
will Thine work be done

no, I really don't think
I could believe in a God
who made up this world
and gave us the job
though there are many
who in Him do trust
we're all bound to ashes
and already dust

but that dust is the base
of the landscape around
it's into everything
as this old ball spins around
no more excuses
for the sins that we've done
the answer for peace
lies inside everyone

the answer for peace
lies inside everyone.


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