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Friday, April 02, 2010

Living in the Culture of Fear

The culture of fear
leaves us little release
stuck like a crumb
in the throat of the beast
the violence and terror
we need to be freed from
get passed on down
through the barrel of a gun
what if we all just ignored
the lies that have been set
can we ever be separated
from the greed that we beget?

Weapons in space
are the next bold frontier
billions blast off
this brilliant blue sphere
despite starving millions
they still make their case
to defend our freedom,
justifying this waste
but what kind of freedom is it
with everyone in someone's sights
pawns of power we've become,
swords, bombs now satellites

Now this hate they sell
creates this hell,
and we're lost forever more
for the culture of fear
drives us all to tears
and we're lost forever more

I try to live life
the best that I can
but just like the love
of a woman and man
nothing is simple
and sometimes we quit
or we're too overwhelmed
by society's whip
but what matter are our lives
when so many each day are lost
things will never ever change
if we keep paying the cost

The culture of fear
leaves us little release
though some of us try,
taking the throat of the beast
choose what to swallow, don't wallow
but choose to ask why
and live fully this day
for on one tomorrow we die.


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