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Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer Adventures

It's been a crazy kind of Summer. Near the end of June I ruptured my bicep tendon while rock climbing, which landed me in the hospital and required surgery to repair. Needless to say that I was devastated. I hit some pretty low points, before I started feeling good about things again. In any case, my spirits did begin to lift as recovery did its thing, and I maximised what still worked to the best of my ability. Life goes on.

So, below are some photos from a bit of what I did do this summer, which included reaching the summits, solo, of three different mountains: Whistlers Mountain (2470 m), Cinquefoil Mountain (2260 m) and Mt. Wilcox (2884 m). It was quite the journey from the hospital bed, the mental demons being the worst.


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