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Friday, July 28, 2006


Recent events between Israel and Lebanon on top of all the other worldly woes again leaves me shaking my head. What makes our species pursue such destructive ambitions? I honestly do not get it. Perhaps I am a simple person, or perhaps it is because I don’t know the sense of poverty and sense of being attacked as those in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Still, that poverty and sense of threat is spawned from similar acts of one group attempting to call dominance over another.

What is perhaps more disturbing is how most people in the West are more caught up in the results of American Idol than they are on fellow creatures facing the destruction, poverty and hatred of war. After all, we decry Iran and North Korea’s ambitions toward becoming nuclear capable, seemingly oblivious to the nuclear, chemical and biological arsenals of our allies. If countries like the USA paid as much attention and money on their poor, environment or helping the Louisiana flood victims as they would truly be the international good guys that they seem to think that they are.

Perhaps it is all idolatry by way of ideology. Let’s face it, we are as equally brainwashed in the West as those who are strapping bombs around themselves and walking into crowded markets or buses. The Western version may be somewhat more benevolent and good willed on the surface, but, ultimately, still contains its sharp edges. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very fortunate to live in Canada and feel that it is possibly the best country in which to live all things considered, but it is not utopia. I think that there is a lot more that we should be doing and that we need to re-evaluate the way certain things are done.

If anyone were to attack my country I would also take up arms to defend it. Perhaps that’s as close to understanding what Israel is doing. Whether the establishment of the state of Israel was right or wrong can no longer be an issue. Just like the Europeans and then Asians and Africans came to North America, Israel is there and can not be expected to move or dissolve. It is clear that Israel is surrounded by enemies who do not just “hate” them in terms of nationalistic chatter the way an Irish person says they hate the English or Canadian and American, but rather seek the annihilation of the Jewish State. Still, if Israel can’t see the bombing of Lebanon as a massive recruitment campaign for Hezbollah, then they are truly blind.


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