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Sunday, July 16, 2006

This is my latest painting which I call “Gomey Goes to Palestine”. Essentially, the cat is an image of my cat, Montgomery (who most folks call ‘Satan’ due to his propensity to attack). The Palestine aspect comes a bit from the colour scheme that happened and the ever present conflict in the Middle East… okay, perhaps that is a hyperbolising of symbolism here – just imagine if I had painted the cat munching on a mouse… or cuddling with one!

The colours were bleached somewhat by the camera flash – it’s actually quite darker and matted.


  • At 4:26 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Long time without comment and it is a quiet Sunday; to start the week, i like the Lousy Lizard best so far. I get the impression you are coming off "lockdown" even if the "joint" doesn't. And from what seems far away, over Grierson Hill, in a "museum-piece" Institution, I might not then see you if I am visiting there? Just Visiting in gaol; you don't have a monopoly on the theme of desertion.But you do seem to have better reasons to leave, while you are young and have a sanity to save. The art shows promise and I hope you took time to wander along Whyte Avenue and see more of what's out there, besides Truth. there is much art being done, spontaneously on the street downtoen and on the Avenue Uptown. If we get that big backpaycheque now it will probably go to service debt and tuition for daughter. I hope you don't sink into too much debt while teaching. back to the reincarnated dead poet/cockroach in the wall, over the hill, nodrog


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