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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Skinny on Sports Stations

I recently submitted the following to the Venting section of the Edmonton Journal - don't know whether or not it'll get published. If you agree with the sentiments expressed, contact your local sports stations and let them know how you feel. The IRB Rugby World Cup starts in a couple of weeks yet there's n'ere a match to be found, just to cite one example....

Anyway, here's my vent:

There's so many great sports that don't receive any TV coverage: Rugby, Cricket, Team Handball, Gaelic Football. Instead we are inundated with Poker on all the major Canadian sports channels. If this what passes for inspiring sport, then it largely explains the obesity problem in this country! If the CRTC says "no" to CSI NY on the History Channel, can it not influence TSN or Sportsnet?



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