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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My cover of "A Pair of Brown Eyes" by the Pogues

It's been a wee while since I recorded myself singing - think it was around 1987 as my old punk band, Ick on Fish, was winding down. While actually attempting to sing somewhat here, I'm sure you can pick out the punk residue covering my lack of any real vocal talent.

Just like in the Ick days when we used to record with a ghetto blaster, this one was a low-tech taping (or digitizing I suppose) off of my wife's new camera that we picked up today (to replace the one killed in my kayaking mishap).

Anyrood, just having a laugh here. Note: there was no alcohol used in the production of this video, though it most likely would have been an asset!

Anyone want to start a band?



  • At 7:29 a.m. , Blogger Tanja said...

    That was awesome. I loved it! It made me smile!
    You were in a punk band? How cool are you!? lol I was trying to be punk so hard when I was 15...I wanted to be Cindy Lauper, had crazy hair, got a nose ring and thought I was so cool!

  • At 7:56 a.m. , Blogger Catvibe said...

    That was pretty darned cool there. Beyond the punk your celtic roots are showing!

  • At 9:47 a.m. , Blogger Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

    Cheers Tanja!

    Yes, I came into punk in around 1984 (very symbolic in an Orwellian way, in fact it was Camus and Orwell that opened the door for me!). I was very fortunate to be part of the local scene at the time, hanging out with people like Sara McLauglin, the lads from Sloan, etc. They were wonderful times!
    ...Cyndi Lauper was cool I must say!

    Cat, you are very kind with your words - thank you! I must say the Celtic culture has always been a big part of my life, and remains so today!

  • At 5:57 a.m. , Anonymous Val said...

    You're pretty good, and I love the shirt.


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