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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Her brown eyes they have saddened
O'er the past 14 years
and I fear that I have left her wanton
the cause of her raining tears
though I know it's not been perfect
that it's cramped in our embrace
I hope she knows I love her
beckon back the light of her face

Never was it intended, cruelty,
that we've battled is a fact
it's all in the process of solidity,
putting the strength into our backs
I dream we'll be together now
as the years go by the score
She'll always be my Jenny,
the girl that I adore

We wed for life and eternity
for richer and for poor
I regret how we have found ourselves
in the latter more and more
the ring slipped on her finger,
it's lilywhite, gold stripped band
my dreams are buried with her hopes
and for her I'm a better man

Life is our anthology
and always on the cusp
N'ere have I wanted more,
nor no one more do I trust
I pray she will remain with me
through the ebb of the ocean's tide
for I'd be washed away without you girl
and my soul it would subside



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