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Saturday, September 05, 2009

My latest Letter to the Editor of The Edmonton Journal

The front page of Saturday's Edmonton Journal summed up the obscenity of financial management in the province of Alberta. The main headline is about the Katz Group and Northlands contending for the $1 billion prize of managing the new $450 million dollar downtown arena; an arena that will largely be funded by taxpayers. On the bottom of the front page, an article titled "Education cuts could mean bigger classes" states that Minister Hancock may be insisting on cuts deeper than the $44 million asked for already, with rumours indicating cuts will actually total hundreds of millions of dollars.

$1.3 million dollar severance package funded by tax payers for a Healthcare bureaucrat who was employed for nine months amidst a healthcare crisis, energy deregulation that is allowing energy corporations collect absurd service fees, 20% + pay raises for MLAs...

I am truly left speechless by this.



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