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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day Thoughts

It's a beautiful Christmas day with a clear blue sky illuminating the white snow that covers this city. Christmas is a fairly reflective time for me as it is also my birthday. Today I turned 41. It's hard to grasp being in my forties, but I suppose one should not put too much of an emphasis on chronological age and focus more on how I feel. I must say, while the aches and pains + recovery time are slowly becoming problematic, I'm still in pretty good condition, given a life that's leaned to the rough and tumble of Rugby, Martial Arts, Hockey, etc. No complaints in the end, and I gain great pleasure that the intensity in which I undertake most of my activities keeps those a decade younger than I trying to catch up! Slowly, however, I'm begining to recognise that horizon of having to slow down, and that scares me.

Changes can happen so suddenly in one's life. Unfortunately this Christmas is a fairly sad one in our home as my wife's Mother had a stroke this past Friday. She seems to be doing well as can be expected at this point, but it is a lot for her and her family to come to grips with. My wife is holding together pretty well, and will be flying back to England on Monday for a week and a bit to see her Mom. It will be difficult for her, to say the least - seeing her Mother in this state, and having to return to Canada afterward.

In the end, each day is a gift that we must live to the max. The Buddha taught that we must accept illness and aging as simple truth that we are unable to escape in this life. Bearing that in mind, I ask that you all carry this sense of joy, hope and peace into 2010, well beyond the boundaries of the Holiday season. Love, live sensually and fully, and treat each sunrise as another day full of potential. Be in the moment and remember that if it feels good, then it probably is.

Om Shanti


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