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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tightening Wires, Plucking At Strings

Okay, I've decided that I will make a New Year's Resolution. 2006 will be my year of music where I attempt to break through the plateau that I've reached on my guitar skills, write more songs than I did last year and find someone to jam with. Music makes me feel good, full stop. I was rocking out on my electric the other day in my basment, playing some of my old band's stuff, plus a little Husker Du and D.O.A., and it felt awesome, even though I totally mangled my vocal chords. So, perhaps I'm a bit past my punk rock days, but that's fine as I totally enjoy the challenges on my accoustic (and that doesn't seem to annoy my wife as much!), and my Folk/Traditional Celtic cannon is further evolved than my rocking abilities anywho.

We also recently bought a piano on which my missus has been playing beautifully. I can totally see the two of us performing the Pogues "Fairytale of New York" at next year's Christmas party. Enya, our three year old, also seems to be developing musical talents, singing her little heart out around the house. I think this is fab as studies show how music aids in cognative development, not to mention what a good companion music can be.

Bob Marley pegged it: "one good thing about music/ when it hits you feel okay".

Painting: "The Old Guitarist" by Pablo Picasso


  • At 2:40 p.m. , Blogger Sherry P said...

    sing, like they say, sing as if no one was listening and dance as if no one was watching and love as if you've never been hurt. if it makes you happy, sing and play and enjoy.
    been reading some of your blog. i think you have a vision for words. write, you may surprise yourself.


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