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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Meditations on Love
It’s Valentine’s Day and a day upon which we should be reflecting on love. It’s almost criminal how this holiday has been usurped by crass commercialism. Through the whole gamut of consumerism or the prospect of being single on this particular day leads to much suffering as we allow desire and want to cloud our perspective on all the positive things that surround us in the moment. I would love to see Valentine’s Day become more of a love consciousness day where, rather than focus on romance, we focus on the unconditional power of love on a global scale. Unconditional love would do so much in raising our awareness of others, fostering compassion and working toward peace and acceptance of all things. True love is a harmonizing power. Sadly, our notions and understanding of love has become corrupted, clouded and confused. Love is the basis of all life and, if we all lived as an embodiment of love, then we would know boundless peace and happiness in our lives.

So, on this day, think beyond the chocolates, roses and jewelry and ask yourself “what exactly is love?” and “how would I benefit by acting with compassion and love in all my interactions with the environment?” With practice, the metamorphoses might simply be amazing.


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