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Friday, July 10, 2009

Luxury is Relative

It seems such a waste that wealth and luxury seem to go hand in hand. I just returned from a six day camping trip in Mt. Robson, B.C. and Jasper, Alberta with my wife, daughter and another couple. Despite the fact that our first two days were gorgeous, sunny and hot, followed by four days or torrential rain and frequent high winds, it was a fabulous time. Yes, we were wet, ate camp food, smelled pungent, were covered in filth and slept in tents, but that’s what it was all about. As I looked at many of the campers around me with their gigantic fifth wheels and RV’s, I shuddered. Granted, I’m an arrogant bastard who can be quite a snob when it comes to my perceptions of how things should be, but it all seems so unnecessarily excessive. Honestly, if I had the money some of these people possess, it would not be spent on toys, status symbols and the other trinkets of the Winnebago or Royal Robbins Warrior casts. Money, in my opinion, is something to facilitate “living”. Honestly, what trophy ever compares to the process of winning it? What do trinkets from Prada, Hummer or any other “to be seen in” items add to the quality of one’s life? Nothing. They are simply status symbols that make people who own them think that they possess a higher position in life than proud peons like my self. I see them and think “superficial suckers”.

If I had loads of money, much of it would go to charity, because if I were lucky enough to have an excess of funds, I’d want to do something that gave those in need a bit of a boost, and I’d want to go more hardcore into things that leave me with memories, a sense of challenge and to basically push myself toward the abyss to see what the deal is. I would volunteer in Africa, Asia, etc. in hopes of giving a hand to educators in that area. I’d do more hiking, mountain biking, climbing and kayaking. Even in pursuit of these things, I would not always buy the most expensive, showy gear out there. For example, I would be quite content to continue riding my 10 year old Devinci mountain bike because it is sufficient to my level of ability. I would invest in a few climbing courses and gear so that I could move out of the rock gym in the summer and try some bigger faces, but I wouldn’t splurge on Arcteryx simply because of the name.

I guess the real nature of my ranting is seeded in the general malaise and inactivity of many within my fellow species. I see so much waste (in my snobbish opinion of course!), and won’t deny my general reprehensive inklings toward the wealthy. I guess that I’m am just a wee bit bitter in that I often feel much of what I wish to do and pursue will be missed out because I don’t possess the financial means to do them. I know that this is very bourgeois on my own part as there are millions on this planet who are more concerned as to whether they will eat today or be killed in a random car bombing. This world is so incredible, yet we continue to make life more and more complicated. Be grateful and do what you like, and like what you do!



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