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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Life Truly Is What You Make It

Reality is one’s perception of existence. Existence is the fabrication of nothingness into being. Nothing implies no-thing and, therefore, some-thing. Thus everything is an echo.

Self-help gurus, psychologists and teachers often dwell on the necessity of cultivating a positive and optimistic attitude. This is not often, especially under times of duress when becoming an eternal fatalist seems the much easier road. Still, we must train our minds just the same way as we train our bodies for sport. Attitude is truly everything.

Life is an echo that we take in and view through our mind’s lens. How we view these echoes relies in our general attitudes that we develop over life. De Bono uses a wonderful example of our problem solving mechanisms to be like a giant mound of jell-o. Pour hot water on the mound and it will etch channels much like water flowing over a land mass, eventually forming established routes, rivers and lakes. Water, always seeking the path of least resistance, will inevitably follow the established routes as more and more comes to pass, etching the gullies even deeper. Such is experience. As we learn behaviour and deal with things, we also establish the method in how we deal with them. This refines itself as we mature to a degree, but the origins of how we see the world and deal with things comes at a very early stage of our cognitive development.

I was drawn to Buddhism and the theories of Jung some years ago as they both encapsulated positive ways of viewing life. For example: death. Very few of us ever want to die as we are attached to life and relationships. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. We must all acknowledge death and the emotions losing a loved one can bring forth. However, we must also accept death as we are all of the nature to die and there is no avoiding it. Therefore, live a healthy, positive life and remember that death is simply another stage of life. Translated: don’t sweat the stuff you can not change.

Failure is often something we find hard to take as a positive. G.B. Shaw wrote that “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing”. Mistakes are our greatest teaching tool as it presents us with an anatomy of a situation with a working understanding. Truly refusing to try is the only real failure in life.

In conclusion, re-assess your attitude and remember that yours is only one perception in a mosaic of billions. View life through positive lenses, attempt to see all three sides of the coin, challenge your assumptions, learn from your mistakes, meditate and visualise success.


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