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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm Up!

What a change a day makes! My psychotic class from hell turned out to be absolutely stellar today offering excellent insight and dialogue, and the other classes that were okay yesterday got even better! Began some map work, building on the concept that "you are here" and building out from there to illustrate the impact of individuals in their community to how it transcends and permeates throughout the globe. Then in my English class I began "King Arthur" with resounding success! Will have them creating "Pull the Sword From the Stone" advertising posters tomorrow. So far one kid is so pumped to play Rugby he can't sit still + two others who Box want to join my club. I also taught my first Math class and wasn't outsmarted by the students! Overall, I'm developing a pretty solid repport and see lots of potential in my students for them to blossom and grow.

So, if I can keep my head above water until the weekend (two more days) and get in to the school for a couple of hours over my days off, then I should be pretty solidly grounded in my game plan with deviations at the ready if need be. I'm lucky to have some truly amazing children in my classes and can't wait to watch them as they discover self-confidence and realise their limitless potential. What an honour to work with the most prescious resource in the world, eh?! Equally, the staff and Principal I work with are amazing and have really helped my find my legs.

My eating has really suffered this week as I've been late getting home and only have the energy to eat cereal. Yesterday I was empty and simply crashed. Today I mustered up the gumption to go to Boxing, but ran out of gas after a little more than an hour. Hope to get better nutrition tomorrow and then head out again to train. I do need it - lots of pent up energy, but it is expended quickly.

So, looks like I'm over most of my major bumps. Now it's a matter of self-preservation and getting results so that they offer to renew my contract next year.



  • At 1:15 p.m. , Blogger auntiegrav said...

    This is from what I said on another comment:

    Greg Palast calls it an "Armed Madhouse", when
    actually, it is more like 4 madhouses. One full of
    rich egomaniacs, one with deluded do-gooders, one full
    of violent killers, and the biggest one full of
    comatose imbeciles.

    Congratulations on a good class. Now, if you want to have your contract renewed, DON'T let them hear this:

    Especially the part about how violence always goes down the chain of heirarchy, never up from the bottom.


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