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Friday, August 11, 2006

The Plane Truth

As I watched the media coverage last night over the alleged plan to blow up several trans Atlantic flights, I could only shake my head. It is so sad to see things taken to such extremes, not to mention how naïve the attempts to prevent such attacks are.

The world is in a sad state. This is an understatement. Calling the recent events in Lebanon as a prime example, I see bombs tearing apart the lives of thousands of innocent people in an attempts to neutralise a handful of insurgence. Having traveled extensively and having lived in several foreign countries, I have observed a common denominator. The average citizen has a point of view, but, for the most part, is concerned with the rigours of day to day life, friends and family. Take our attitudes in the West as an example: If we are so committed to the war on terror, then why aren’t we joining the military in droves? We aren’t. We are concerned with paying our mortgages, car payments and lining up a group to watch Monday Night Football. Certainly if bombs were hitting our homes, we might approach the issue with a lot more fever. I would certainly scream for revenge if my family or circle of friends was brutalised or attacked. Guaranteed the Israeli bombings in Lebanon are creating a whole new crop of suicide bombers and people who despise Israel and the West.

Next there is our ignorance or naivety when it comes to plotting to stop the bombing of airplanes. So, we make people empty all their water bottles, perfume, toothpaste, hair gel, etc. and run people through metal scanners with their shoes off. Excellent. I have worked in a maximum security prison for going on five years and can tell you that people are far more resourceful. If I wanted to smuggle a liquid explosive onto a plane, there are several manners in which to conceal it. People planning to murder thousands wouldn’t think twice about concealing things in various body cavities – you’d be amazed to see what people can “hoop”. There’s babies diapers. A woman in a dress/skirt could easily strap bags of liquid the size of I.V. bags to their legs, breasts, waist, etc. The only thing close to working would be to fully strip search, x-ray and use sniffer dogs on passengers to successfully catch anything of this nature getting onto an airplane.

I don’t know what the answer is. Fundamentalism can not be reasoned with and confrontation only makes for a stronger resolve. Sadly, my hopes for peace are as likely to come true as my hopes that the media would ignore Paris Hilton. We are such dangerously silly beings.


  • At 12:54 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i, as a cockroach again, see how 'plane truth' seems to contradict 'personal enrichment'. but his is not so. mystery, how these all exist, but do not seem to coexist. before that, life on a lake, yet this is also true life and true to you. last week faith and reason talk from pema shodron, a nun, an old buddhist nun, shows the eyes of peace and heart of love where lines cross the ancient face, but do not divide the divine mind. you seem busy on all fronts; can you also be at max or on/en route to vocation?

  • At 1:27 p.m. , Blogger MyUtopia said...

    I agree, it will get to the point where you have to be body cavity searched to just get on a plane. Yet somehow the terrorist will still find other ways to do what they want to do. I went through security unchecked, I could have smuggled liquids on the plane (I didn't), but that doesn't mean people aren't going to get through unchecked.
    Now they are talking about racial profiling and how they want to do extra checking of middle eastern men. Aren't they already doing that?

  • At 6:21 p.m. , Blogger Real-E said...

    The question remains: to what extent are we willing to limit personal liberties in the name of keeping safe. Look to literature like "The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood to see, ultimiately, where "freedom from" supercedes the "freedom to". It's ironic that we are limiting freedoms in the pursuit of freedom's preservation... at least that's what the spin doctors are trying to sell us...

  • At 2:56 p.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Caps on to you, on first day freedom "from" gaol. Still, we have more than Oscar Wilde would have had when released. A prison comes from the judgments of others, depending how significant they are. Recent turnover from Court put back a limit on power of King George W. the turd, to listen to free people who might talk about the Bush-leagues' invasions and hegemonic controls. This blog site is endangered by the laws he thought he had the right to write over. Sign on a man's T-shirt said," The Christian Right is neither.". Last night caught Charlie Rose talk with two Conservative, Evangelical Christians, who discovered the kingdom of God is in helping people with HIV and poverty. The Second author has a book, The Myth of a Christian Nation, which reinforced the teachings of Jesus, that the kingdom is not of this world, is not Republican and that lies do not make America (nor Canada) a nation based on Christian teaching. Neither, I think , would any political machination "give" us freedom. I have enough trouble finding freedom in myself, but I am taught, it is in there. This general area is where the wisdom of a buddha, jesus or an agnostic agree. So, still out looking for the Outlook, hope your freedom to teach is met with ones free to learn. I learned that from a grade 8 Math teacher, that " I don't teach if you won't learn". Sometimes it takes a "boot to the head". What it takes for the madness of king George to lift is beyond our capacity, so I think I will have a sandwich and listent to the radio. Peace.

  • At 8:41 a.m. , Blogger auntiegrav said...

    What if they gave a bombing and no news reporters came?
    It's ALL in the marketing. The advantage which terrorists enjoy is that they don't have to PAY for thiers.
    Are you Corporatist or Localist? Does any group have the right to subdue the rights of an individual? In truth, since the group is supposed to consist of individuals, then the group no longer exists legitimately when its individuals are homogenized. Profiling is a nice tool, but a symptom of the homogenization and devaluation of individuals into objects, either with opinion or with money. (Money is a paper representation of the generic 'worker').
    When the individuals of a country are given a true say in what their governments do, then the wars will end, or at least diminish. I used to think everyone should be given a gun and told to shoot whoever pisses them off because everyone would either be a better neighbor or a better shot. I think a modification to this theory should be made. Anyone should be allowed to ice any GOVERNMENT representative at least once. If a farmer on the border of Lebanon loses a child working in the field or sleeping in his home, he alone should have the power to end the war.


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