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Thursday, September 21, 2006


The IRB Women's World Cup finals this past weekend here in Edmonton showcased a whole lot of heart and talent, leaving my thoughts to linger about when I was in my prime and playing club Rugby League in England and my two appearances with the Canadian Rugby League national side. Rugby was such a coming of age for me. If I were to mark two watershed periods in my life, the first affected my intellectual development and that was discovering Albert Camus L'Etranger in grade ten English, and the second affected my physical development which occured with my first touch of that white odd shaped ball of Rugby Union. The beauty of Rugby is its inclusiveness of all body shapes and sizes, the complete team nature of the sport and the wonderful social and sportsmanship dimension of this great game. I would strongly advocate this as a sport for anyone who is able to be reasonaby physically active! I can't wait to start coaching the team here at the juniour high where I am teaching!

So, a massive congrats to all the countries, especially the Canadian lasses who came in fourth, the English girls for a stellar effort in the final and cudos to the Black Ferns of New Zealand who are undefeated since 2001! Awesome!


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