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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Letter to Bicycle Times Magazine
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Hurrah Bicycle Times!

I've been an avid but non-competitive cyclist all my life and have longed for a publication such as yours: one for the common cyclist. So many mags are hung up on all the micro-weighted bells and whistles of the high tech competitive world. Such things, while fascinating to read about, are usually beyond my needs and budget. My ten year old DeVinci Taos mountain bike and Electra Relic cruiser carry me well over the local bike paths and trails throughout Edmonton and the Rocky Mountains, and life is grand!

It is my hopes that Bicycle Times will be a magazine dedicated to what I call "acoustic culture": living simply, living well, living harmoniously, living with purpose and, most importantly, living to live! I look forward to reading your future articles on bicycle advocacy, seeing events being held throughout North America, learning how to fix and care for my bikes better and, ultimately, to gain a greater sense of the commuter and non-competitive bicycle community that exists in Canada and the U.S.

In closing, I would like to suggest an article on winterizing your bike and commuting in the Canadian and northern U.S. during the winter months. Alack - the winter of discontent is always mere months away!




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