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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sparks in the Darkness and a Bit of Silliness

More often than not on my blog I am bemoaning about the demise of community and culture in Western society. To be more precise, it is the suburban culture and box store climate that predominates most Canadian cities that raises my dander. Though I am nowhere near recanting such statements as I do feel that our social fabric is fraying and the thread count is well below 100, I concede that there are pockets of substantiality that can be sought out if you are fortunate enough to stumble across them, or become tenacious enough to break free of the apathetic fog of our cubicle culture, and seek them out.

So, what is the catalyst to my breech of being culturally optimistic? Well, it all started this afternoon when I was standing for a duration that seemed to exceed the final 30 seconds of a Basketball game, at a bookstore. I was getting my knickers in a knot at how slow the immense line was slothing forward when, suddenly I realised that all these people were buying books! And just like that I thought, damn-it this is bloody brilliant! Admittedly, I did look snobbishly at some of what people were purchasing (I openly admit to being a snob in such matters), but still felt proud of them for electing to spend time with pages and typeface over the boob tube or ploddling away time writing blogs that few people seldom read! stuff!

This was the crest on the metaphorical wave that my life has been riding for the past while. The previous day had seen the majority of my colleagues getting together at a local pub for a send off for one of our own moving on to a new position. That night I enjoyed a few jars in a session with my band, PLAID FLAG. We are also jamming tomorrow, so again, that will make for a grand bit o' craic! And, to top things off, we were visiting the Congolese family that we've grown close to this afternoon and have been invited to a massive Congolese engagement shin dig next weekend that will be full of singing, dancing, traditional foods, etc. This is 500 thread count sheets that were talking about now (I learned that thread count in sheets is crucial from a colleague recently and thus dedicate this metaphor to her - now when I go sheet shopping I scrutinize the labels... though the sheets I've purchased since learning this are flannel and thus the thread count variable does not apply... but I digress)!

And if that doesn't cause an ember of hope for a more culturally qualitative life, I'm going to see Flogging Molly Monday night - marvellous stuff!

In closing, here's a big thank you to all of you out there keeping the faith, seeking those organic kernels that make life stimulating, whether you are making Art and music are supporting it! Make face time for one another, huddle faithfully in cafes, theatres, kitchens and clubs with the same dedication of those office workers you see huddled outside in -40c, having a smoke, and talk about real shit! Small talk makes us boring. Build flesh-based community (nothing kinky, I'm merely referring to being in the physical presence of others) - the safety that comes with such things- then embrace it! Share ideas, talk about books, share music, bitch about your spouses, fall in love, groom a mistress, play Chess - whatever. Do like the Boss says and get a bit of that "human touch", and, if you find yourself in a long line-up in a bookstore or music shop, be glad that you are a part of the congestion! Seriously - you deserve a gold star - well done!

Of course if you find yourself clotted in the queues elsewhere like at Wal-Mart or whatever, bitch and vent your rage at the lethargic service in what is supposed to be a high speed culture! Just be kind to the clerks - he/she may be composing a profound thought or simply be delayed by the cheap-arse technology of many big chain stores!

Now off with ye! Perhaps I've given you something to chat with a friend about (in either a positive or derogatory manner)!


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