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Friday, January 01, 2010

A New Day and a New Year. Welcome to 2010! Welcome to the Revolution?

I read a lot of revolutionary stuff ranging from Fiction to History, Political Science and Biographies. Recent reads have included the novel Sashenka, an interview bio of Fidel Castro and the History of the Spanish Civil War. The passion of ideals are largely what attracts me to such books - I've probably read a PhD.'s worth on Irish and Soviet history!

What pains me is that there is little in the way of such revolutionary work or organisation going on in Canada right now, while the need for such a passion to re-shape this nation to make it a better place for all is much needed. From these words and what I've written (or if you know me), it is clear that I am of the political Left. I admit to being a Socialist with a strong interest in Communism (though many of my friends have told me that I'm more of a Fascist based on the strength I hold in my opinions).

Now before people start to attack me for even suggesting Communism as a good thing, what I advocate as Communism is not what we saw in Eastern Europe, North Korea, etc. Cuba is a place that I would hold as a potential example of Communism showing the potential for success. I'm not saying Cuba is the promised Socialist paradise, but it is a nation that I respect. In citing Cuba as an example, let's not forget that it is a land under constant attack from the United States and American funded ant-Castro/terrorist organisations. This combined with the American embargo have not helped Cuba in it's potential. As far as Cuba's human rights record goes, I can not condone this, but I can comprehend it. Any nation under attack imprisons any opposition voices as you can not have divisions within your nation while in a state of conflict. In my opinion, freedom of speech is a necessary aspect of any societies peaceful evolution and sustainability.

And for the record, Cuba has done a lot of philanthropic work, sending doctors to work abroad, were key in the release of Nelson Mandella and in progressively seeking environmentally sound forms of sustainability.

As for the former Eastern Bloc, North Korea, etc., the Russian Revolution died with Stalin and both him and Kim Jong Il are genocidal tyrants. Full stop.

Digressing somewhat, the other type of stuff I tend to read are books on the Eastern Philosophies of Taoism, Buddhism and Hinduism, in addition to a bit of Wicca, Christian and Sufi writings. Given that the majority of the world's peoples are followers of such schools of spirituality where the central messages are love, compassion, respect for one another and the planet, one can clearly compare and align these sentiments to those expressed in Socialism and even Communism.

In Canada we are looking at major cuts in Health Care, leaving us with a two tiered system in which the wealthy can get attention immediately, while others need to wait years for many procedures. In my two non-emergency surgeries (one to have my should mended, the other for a knee repair), the process from requisition to surgery date was between 18 months and two years. I have two friends waiting for hernia surgeries - one of whom has been waiting just shy of two years with still no word on a date.

Secondly, our Education system is facing more cuts and the system is already strained to the max. Post Secondary Education costs are becoming atrocious. Education should be a right - quality and accessibility should be a right. Young adults entering the world with massive student debts on top of all the other expenses of setting up lives starts many behind the eight ball and playing catch-up into their 40's with little saved for their future causes many life issues, can break up marriages under financial stress, etc.

Next, the inequality of wages in this nation are obscene as we play along with what the market demands and can withstand. CEO's and politicians make fortunes while Teachers and Nurses get paid a pithence in comparison. In my opinion, whether a person is a plumber, carpenter, surgeon, lawyer or Peace Officer, they all play an essential part in the running of society. While many may hold the surgeon in higher regard than the plumber, think about it. Do we truly want to return to the days of oat houses? No running water? No heat? As a Teacher myself, I could argue that Teachers should be paid more than anyone else in society as, without them, there would be no surgeons, plumbers, police or politicians. Instead, people complain that teachers are whiners who only work from 8-3 and have summers, Christmas and Spring Break off. This is of course erroneous as most teachers will put in a day starting at 7:30 a.m., leave by 5 p.m. unless they are coaching or running clubs. Then there is the planning and marking that you take home on weekends and holidays. There's meetings and professional development sessions you must take. Legal documents for IPP's, Progress Reports and differentiated lesson plans to be done. Oh yes, and then there is the actual teaching part in overfilled classrooms. I'm not complaining and I love my job. All I'm doing is illustration the reality of Teaching. I don not advocate that Teachers get paid more than others, but I do advocate for a greater equity across the board.

Next we have the Environmental issues which we face. Many of our issues in this regard are caused by corporate profiteering in the area of natural resources, but it is also a result of social excess by many of us. Things such as the Alberta Oil Sands are a disgrace, as is much of the clear cutting across this nation's forests and past incidents of over fishing. These things are permitted to continue due to threats of job losses. Does it not scare others that our so-called democracy can be so easily swayed by corporate self-interest?

In the end, these are the key issues. Apathy, greed and fear are what perpetuate our inaction. Canada is an abundant land that could sustain its comparably small population. For so long we have been fed propaganda about Socialism in the media and have devovled into a false sense of entitlement where want has exceeded need to the point of obscenity. We have become trivial and benign as a society, where cerebral obesity is the number one killer. Perhaps this is where I do show the Fascist inclination in that I am advocating my sense of what is reasonable, which will obviously differ from many, and, through this, the sense of totalitarianism associated with Communism shows itself. Nothing is perfect. My only retort is: hasn't commercialism and the media directly distorted your own perception of your needs in perhaps a more devious and subliminal manner?

In the end, humankind will always be the key ingredient to our society's rise and fall. Until the balance between wants and needs is re-established, the revolution will remain a sin through misappropriated dogma of those in control - corporately and spiritually.


  • At 9:24 p.m. , Blogger Fox said...

    I agree totally that Socalism has gotten a bad rap. A lot of it stems, I think, from our obsession with scarcity and the lie we've been fed that there is not enough for every one (going back to that whole supply and demand thing). Until we get over our fear that we will not have enough we won't be able to discern how much we already do have, and the abundance that is all around us.

  • At 8:41 p.m. , Blogger Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

    Very true. I also don't know why Socialism always tries to snuff out religion. I would think that tapping into the common morality of different faiths would only contribute to the support for the common good, in addition to realising the abundance to which you refer.

    ...Sweden is on the right track...


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