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Monday, December 05, 2005


I think that we need to re-write the story of futility as demonstrated by Sisyphus. For those of you not familiar with this myth, basically Sisyphus was (or I suppose is as we are dealing with eternity here) this guy who is condemed to roll a massive boulder up a steep slope, only to have it roll back down again. Thus, our protagonist would journey back to the bottom of the hill and push that boulder up again. So often we utilise Sisyphus' predicament to illustrate the mundane repitition of daily routine or as a metaphor for those who try to affect change against all odds and with little result, etc. One can use these allegories effectively and I know in my writings that I have cited Sisyphus' situation to make a point.

But I've been thinking: isn't what Sisyphus is condemned to repeat a lot like downhill skiing? Think about it. Our protagonist struggles and labours and eventually is successful in making the hilltop. Change is constant, so we would imagine the challenges of accomplishing this are endless with the seasons, errosion of the hillside, etc. Then think of the fun one can have running or rolling or sliding down the hill - I used to love to do this as a child. Think of the challenges one could make for themselves..."okay, today I'm going to sprint the rock to the top" or "I'm going to really push the mantle of my endurence and move that rock to the top as slowly as I can".

I love weight training and feel great afterwards. I am also an avid runner. Being a Martial Arts novice includes repeating the same basic movements over and over again. All these things are what I look forward to in my daily rigours; how different is this to the lot of Sisyphus?

My message here is about the journey and finding positives in routine and futility. I remember watching all the adults, my wife among them, having a fantastic time going down the water slide at San Diego Sea World. As winter blankets my city in a sheet of white and cold, I can't wait to trudge up the local toboggan hill with my three year old daughter and then go hurdling down!

Run to the hills then enjoy yourself!


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