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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Musings On the Decay of Generation X

It is interesting when you observe the bonds that we make over our lifetimes. Quite often, the cast of characters that surround us appear as detached as comparing a Danielle Steel novel to one written by Franz Kafka. I am amazed at how there have been people in my life that were so incredibly close to me and, now, they have faded into oblivion and I couldn't begin to tell you where they are now. Many of these relationships spawn from youth and life's journey, particularly with those of us from Generation X, as taken us on a spiral path into echelons of the planet our predecessors never would have thought of journeying, save for a very select few.

You don't hear much about Generation X any more – the lost generation. The generation who grew up in the shadow of nuclear obliteration, became over educated and couldn't find jobs outside of bars and retail. The generation who bought Euro rail passes and trekked into Asia and Africa, searching for something the Dharma bums of the 1960's started.

Growing up in such times, and being the only child of a single parent family, my friends became all that I had. Even in the present day, where I have been married for a dozen years and have a beautiful daughter, "family" is still a strange concept. It could be that my own remaining relatives are 7000 km away in Eastern Canada and my in-laws are over in England.

I still feel like a Generation X'er. Though a fulltime teacher with a public school board, part of me wouldn't think twice about up and quitting and hitting the road with my family to a place like India. My friends, though they have changed over the epochs, remain the staple of those who I love and depend upon. Hell, part of me, despite turning 40 this year, still has an inkling to start a punk rock band! I always thought a switch would go off in my head (or on as the case may be) and I'd become a middle aged man, tied to the notions of responsibility. That never happened. I want to live outside the clock while delving into the mysteries of self and share experiences with others.

Facebook has been an interesting experience for me as it has allowed me to re-connect with many who were staples of my daily existence in my younger years. Part of me wonders how we ever lost track of one another, in addition to fuelling the flames of nostalgia. Overall, it has shown me what a good life I've had and makes me want to do more.

Life is an amazing experience and I love the sense that one day, all may be dust. It means that there are no fuck-ups that are so tragic – even the environmental devastation of our planet – that we can live life without a net. This does not condone violence or hate, but it does condone risk taking (which in effect isn't risk taking at all) and flying without a net. Life is such a brief and beautiful thing and I am resolving to truly fill my life with those who will make me nostalgic for this moment ten years from now. Everyone has their purpose in life, but, just as a garden may grow while being neglected, if we take that extra moment to nurture the relationships we have, perhaps a wee bit more of the beauty will not be lost to time. Change is part of life and life is good.


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