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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Random Thoughts in the Lengthening Light

We lost an hour this weekend (in a bureacratic manner of speaking). I don't know whether it's all worth it as we again travel to work in darkness. The longer light in the evenings is nice though. I suppose it is good in that you don't really get to enjoy the sunlight when at work. Either way, spring is such an enlivening time of year! To usher in the season, we bought some Wiccan-Buddhist inspired prayer flags today to hang in the backyard as a gesture of thanks to all that is.

My sleep patterns, though not so bad, have reverted to 3 a.m. awakenings again. I'm going back to sleep easily enough, but part of me (in spite of my best efforts not to worry) is beginning to worry about a relapse into insomnia.

Overall, life is beautiful. I'm 44 days into vegetarianism... well, pescatarian actually. Overall I'm still feeling pretty run down. Feels like I've been fighting a cold since the Fall. I'll have a word with my physician tomorrow. He was a bit concerned as my last blood test showed my white blood count to be down. Think I just need some serious R&R + to do a cleanse. It's so true in that stress is central to 99% of our ailments. I spend a lot of time looking inward and that most likely is part of my problem... or should I say process. I recently read the entire "Peaceful Warrior" series and, as Dan Millman illustrates in his novels, when one begins such spiritual pursuits, one first has to face hell. Is it worth it? That remains to be seen...

Life is such a puzzle. Does anything really matter? Is it attachment that makes us lament the extinction of species and trends like global warming? After all, the earth existed before the modern human race and, most likely, there will be a time that the human race ceases to exist. Likewise, scientists released a study recently that predicted that our sun would supernova in a billion years or so, obliterating our wee blue planet. If that, or an inevitable asteroid striking us come to pass, then what meaning will anything have beyond the moment?

I guess that this is where the spiritual side of things come into play. No matter how futile life seems, the brief spark that is our lives is a microscopic piece of all that is. So, I suppose, in the end, we embody both insignificance and great purpose simultaneously. Though contradicting, it illuminates the paradox of being...

Either way, be present and enjoy the moment.


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